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Maastrict Holland

Yeah I’m not showing off just want you to know I’m looking to save Euros as well as pounds. I’m internationally frifty. Big thing is the Eurostar train was at 11 so you’ve got to be there at 10. I can’t get the train into London because it’s at peak time I’m going from an off peak with a net work rail card for £21 to a peak time ticket for £53. When it would cost £20 in petrol and I’m in London the next night I couldn’t physically do it.

So this is a bit of parking that can be used if you’re coming in west into London and you want to park up and tube it in. This was a parking present from comedian who resided there for a while John Robbins POPES LANE or a little close that I go for LITTLE EAILING LANE and all roads off of it. All free parking and being Eailing you could leave your car door open and it would be fine when you get back to it. A short walk to South Eailing tube, Piccadilly line straight in.

At the gig we got a meal bought for us, a fridge full of lager in the green room and breakfast included with hotel. It was a waste of time changing that £10 into euros!


Now the gig in Darlington you can park right at the gig. Here’s the thing if you’ve gone all that way you might be staying over. If you need a hotel you can always go the Lodge. I’d say the bleakness of  Travel Lodge on an A road with the sound of traffic as you lay in bed is cancelled out but the certainty of free parking. But there’s no bar to spend the day. I was recommended The Dalesman Hotel £25 a night can’t argue with that. Now it is a single room pretty much a bed and a wall. It’s above a pub which does feel like some nutter could kick your door in thinking it’s a toilet. When i stay in a hotel I am so tight if there isn’t free parking rather than pay I will get up early and go and move my car. That’s how tight I am, I’ve got two young children and get no sleep and I would still give up a lie in rather than pay to park. My wife has made her resentment clear.

Parallel to the street the pub is on GEORGE STREET a little residential free parking street. So I got to have a lie in which saves money on breakfast. Just had a big early lunch and hope for free food at the gig at night…

Central London Boat Show/Comedy cafe Double

First let’s take the Boat. On first, now this little parking gift the best kept parking secret in London was passed onto me like a family heirloom by my now retired agent Joe King,  a man who wouldn’t consider public transport even as an option so he knows his parking.  I was actually told not to tell people this. He’s in Thailand now so I don’t think he’ll mind. I feel like I’m telling people where the gold is buried. Here it is brace yourself. JOHN ADAM STREET. There that’s just changed your whole experience of parking in London.

Now if you’re coming into London from the West A4 or A40. I’m more of A40 man myself, up to you. For the love of God don’t go right into central London your sat nav will try and make you. Remember your sat nav isn’t the boss of you; you’re the boss of you. I come off the A40 Shepheds Bush go through Earls Court (can be a bit slow) straight down and go along the river past the House of Parliament (open the window shout a bit of abuse or just a middle finger whatever your politics).

Driving down Victoria Embankment left at the lights at the Bridge where Embankment tube is onto Northumberland Avenue. Then immediate right under an archway onto Villiers Street, now it looks like it’s just for pedestrians trust me trust me. If anyone says anything why you’re driving there simply open your window and point to the double yellow lines and say who do you think they’re for? Cars you prick! Right onto John Adam Street, parking bays free after 6:30 and single yellows as far as the eye can see. Now this is important though when you leave you don’t want to go through Trafalgar Square. Turn right on York Buildings there’s a passage immediate left that goes down to the back of the Savoy and round back on to Victoria Embankment. Sometimes though there’s a shutter half way down that’s shut late at night then you’ve got to go back and round Trafalgar Square I’m afraid you’re on your own there.

Onto the Cafe

York Hyena

Only parked in York once before. I found it a tricky little customer. You have to pay to park until about 22:00. I think it is morally wrong to have to pay to park your car after 7 at night. I point blank refuse. I’ll park 2 miles away and walk if I have to.

Last time I was in York I didn’t have a lot of time and ended up having to park in the big Morrisons car park utilising the old 2 hours free parking. Ok that time I was doubling.

This time I was going to be there more than two hours because like a professional I’d got to the gig in plenty of time.

Just up from the Morrisons on the right I discovered a little gem. A little side street free after 6:30 MANSFIELD STREET (YO31)

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